Star Citizen Reel


Recent Nyx landing zone preview.  I was responsible for the ambient surface fx including the buggies down the mountain on the right side, geysers and atmospheric gases.

ArcCorp landing thrusters from the Citizencon 2013 demonstration

The traffic pattern were done using particle emitters with varying spawn rates, rotations and acceleration values.  I was responsible for creating LOD versions of 5 of the ships with a limitation of 2000 polys per ship and 1 drawcall.

The textures were created from real-time PBR lighting conditions of the high poly ships and then mapped onto the low geometry.  Each ship had to visible from a distance by their silhouette.

I was responsible for the environment effects in this scene including the sludge dripping which was created using a mesh, 2 textures with the GeometryBeam shader.

Adding Sparks, falling debris in the Asteroid hangar

Subscriber Flair given for backing the project.  These were very small and the particle system had difficulties at this size.  Camera facing meshes with materials worked for these fx.

Polish enhancements and optimization on the gravity generator, previous created by Illfonic for Star Marine.

To bring ArcCorp to life it needed moving billboards, since flash and video files were too expensive, I was tasked to come up with another solution.

The sequences were created in After Effects and baked out as frames and converted into flipbooks that were played in the particle system.  The designers could then control how they spawned to create random videos playing.

Code waterfall in the Revel & York hangar.  Designed from provided concept art.

Polish enhancements and optimization on destructible assets for Star Marine.

TDD trade globe with stocks with animation.

I created a large variety of animated ui sets which could be placed in any number of combination.  They provided the look of functional holographic displays.

Nxy Landing zone preview of the interior, sparks, dust motes, falling rocks, steam, etc.