10 Years experience developing real-time game assets
7 years experience specializing in Visual Effects for games

Development experience with these art tools:

Unreal, CryEngine, Unity, Gamebyro & Proprietary Engines
3dsmax, Maya, FumeFX for Max or Maya, Houdini, Maya Bifrost
Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Substance Designer

Contributed on the following games

Omni VR Arena  | Virtuix Inc
[Unreal Engine 4]
* Responsible for weapons, impacts, projectiles, explosions, environment effects & shaders.

Star Citizen | Cloud Imperium Games
[ CryEngine ]

Responsible for Environment effects, fictional UI particle screens,  particle advertising billboards,
cloth simulations, art team engine support, training vfx team on particle systems.

(the reactor screenshot was a collaboration with Bill Kladis, Matt Hubel)

Space Hulk | Full Control Aps
[ Unity 3 ]

Responsible for weapon effects, character abilities, world building & lighting.

Kung Fu Superstar Kickstarter
[ Unreal Engine 3 ] 

Scenes collaboration with Sjoerd De Jong, ambient effects, real-time cloth, animated holograms, ocean shader

Pirate 101 | KingsIsle Entertainment
[ Gamebryo ]

Responsible for character abilities & attacks, environment effects.

Faxion Online | UTV True Games
[ Hero Engine ]
Responsible for character abilities, environment effects, world events, pvp arenas

Star Wars The Old Republic | BioWare
[ Hero Engine ]
Responsible for environment effects, holograms, forcefields for pre-beta