Gamescom 2015 Social Module

This years Gamescom in Germany, Cloud Imperium Games showed off what I have been working on, the social module in ArcCorps.

I was responsible for a lot in this demo.  The ships flying above the city are particle meshes.  I created 2000 poly versions of the 600,000 poly ships, with 1 texture to reduce draw calls.   All the animated screens were animated in After Effects and exported into the engine as a flipbook.  Also holograms, steam, smoke, sparks and lots of technical support given to the art team.

In the medial shop, you will see some of my UI animations on the screens.  There’s even an x-ray from one of the character artists.

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Austin VR Jam – Valve|HTC

Collaboration with Ben Shore, Tristan Michael, Ryan Clark & myself

Created a VR experience for Valve & HTC Vive in 1 weekend using Unreal 4.   Game was inspired by Populous, players could drag the landscape around with the controllers, pickup objects and interact with them.   Sadly we captured no footage from our game.


Here’s Ryan testing out our almost final build. 
 2015-05-09 20.56.57

I was responsible for the background environment.  The pillars, the floor, the clouds and their movement.  Since the game needed to run at 75 fps heavy optimization was used in the environment.  I had to get creative for the clouds, with their movement in VR.  The clouds in the foreground were placed as static meshes, so to give the player reference point when looking around.


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Indie Game Maker Contest

Chris Steinburg and I collaborated on this bullet hell shoot’em up for “Indie Game Maker Contest” which ran a total of 26 days using Unity.  Chris was responsible for the programming, bullet physics, and I was responsible for the artwork.

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