Currently Working On

Cloud Imperium Games
Senior VFX Artist
* Responsible for VFX R&D, Planetside and space fx, supporting internal and external vfx artists on Star Citizen.

The following have been officially released so far.

Hangars Trailer

Working with Behavior Interactive on the hangar upgrades, adding subtle fx in some areas and more complex in others.

Discount Hangar
0:25 – Light spark bursts and gas escaping.

Business Hangar
1:18 – Adding vfx emitters to the screens.
1:24 – Oil liquid moving at the bottom of the machine, used geom cache mesh

Deluxe hangar
2:03 – Animated UI, using a combination of UV tricks, particle emitters & geom cache mesh
2:11 – A different animated UI screen.  Ui widgets are modular, for multi use.
2:30 – “Waterfall of Code” using UV tricks and shaders.

Asteroid Hangar
2:51 – Floor condensation on tarmac, animated volumetric lights, dust motes, lingering fog.
3:04 – steam rising
3:09 – Steam from air vent, electrical spark generated with arc lighting entity, custom script.
3:18 – Random Sparks

Dumpers Depot
Taken from the video presentation “Inside CIG: Planetside Art Review